Monday, August 13, 2012

Securing the C-Level - Michael Peters

I posted a review on but wanted to republish here.

After reading Securing the C Level, by Michael D. Peters, I found I could hardly put it down. This book is like a gold mine - like finding a little gold nugget after years of searching for some good advice, like having a private lunch with someone on that upper echelon and picking their brain about the ins and outs of how to get a job like that. Not only is it very insightful into the preparations needed to get to that level, but it also offers insight to anyone in a management position. Michael gives sage advice on navigating the cultural waters, how to spend your first 100 days for maximum benefit, how to groom your personal brand, and many other interesting and invaluable tidbits about achieving and maintaining that life at the top of the corporate ladder.

Parts of the book I found most interesting were dealing with planning your career - Michael provides some awesome and creative tips to chart the waters of executive career planning - especially if your career benefits from the achievement of credentials. Michael also talks in-depth about life as a C-level executive, the sometimes-treacherous waters, and how to successfully navigate them. As an MBA and a JD, Michael's background and experience allows him to provide a wealth of practical and insightful advice, advice which anyone can and should be following if they want to follow someone like Michael's footsteps.

Highly recommended book for career planning - a very interesting and actionable read!

If you aren't familiar with Michael Peters, have a look at his background and his blog.  He's a monster!  He sailed through the BS, MBA and now eJD degrees - he's a CISO, a member of the ISSA Hall of Fame, and he's one of our Keynote Speakers at the 10th Annual Louisville Metro InfoSec Conference!

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